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*Rant on animals shown on Media*

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 10:19 AM
Okay, so telling you right now, I'm about to throw a hissy fit. If you don't want to read, then I suggest moving onto something else right now. You have been warned. If you want to post any mean comments below, look back to this warning giving you the option to leave, and know if you read it, you didn't have to.

WHAT IS IT WITH THE MEDIA AND ANIMALS?! Like, in a video a shark can be swimming casually along, and people freak out about a shark IN ITS NATURAL HABITAT! NOTE: SOME SHARKS LIKE WARM WATER, SO THEY'RE CLOSER TO SHORE. BIG DEAL! Any and I'm willing to bet all shark attacks have been a misunderstanding with a shark mistaking a human *in any type of bathing suit* as either a Seal or Sea Lion if it's colors like black, brown or white, or colorful fish if in a wide variety of colors. The other day I saw a video of a shark on the news as he HARMLESSLY swam past a surfer, a big ol' hammerhead shark, and the media said "It was displaying aggressive behavior" to the SURFER. THE SHARK SWAM PAST AND DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT THE SURFER! THE HELL!? I bet if the sharks had media, they'd be saying "And in other news, another wave of annoying humans are invading our oceans, peeing and pooping and not showing a bit of respect." *DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL HUMANS, BUT I KNOW PEOPLE WHO'VE DONE THIS* "We don't make a big deal about them invading our home, so why do they make a big deal about us getting CLOSE to theirs?"

Meanwhile, in a next clip they showed a bear cub rolling around in the wild in a meadow and said 'Aw, how cute' Yeah, cute, but if mama bear finds you in the forest and thinks you're a threat to her cub, suddenly the bears are the bad guys if they attack the camping grounds. IF YOU'RE GOING TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD WITH ANIMALS, RESPECT THEM AND KNOW THE DANGERS! IT'S NOT A SURPRISE TO SEE A BEAR IN THE FOREST ANYMORE THAN SEEING A SHARK IN THE OCEAN! IT'S THEIR NATURAL HABITAT! It doesn't help that humans are getting overpopulated, and keep taking more and more land for themselves, and flip shit when an animal maims or kills someone. WE HAVE HUNTERS HUNTING DEER, LIONS, BEARS AND EVERY OTHER ANIMAL ON THIS F***ING PLANET TO CONTROL "POPULATION", SO WHAT THE HELL IS HUNTING US?! WE HAVE NOTHING EXCEPT OLD AGE, POSSIBLE POISONS, STUPIDITY AND DISEASES WITH NO CURE CURBING OUR POPULATION AT THE MOMENT! We get antibiotics to fight illnesses, ANIMALS DON'T. We have hunters killing animal, WHAT'S HUNTING US?! If we get sick, we have hospitals to go to, as well as our pets. WILD ANIMALS ARE ON THEIR OWN! With all the tree-cutting, air population and ocean pollution, it's no wonder that the animals are ticked! They don't show that on animal planet, huh?! What about all the roadkill you've ever seen? All those deer and skunks laying at the side of the road, killed by man? AGAIN: WHAT'S KILLING US?!

Before this rant goes way too far to be read by anyone, just the bottom line: know the dangers of where you're going, and don't act all shocked if something bad happens. IT'S NATURE. Bad things and good things can happen, just don't think you're immune when you go out of your cities or countryside looking for adventure. You're subject to all Mother Nature has to throw at you, and if you get in trouble, you should've thought through all possible dangers before going out there. Anytime I go somewhere I've never been, I do my research. I once went camping, I saw a black bear cub once on a group hike *he was about fifteen or twenty feet away at the edge of the forest*, I left him alone and mama sniffed towards our general area and left us alone. Sometimes animals don't think you a threat and move on, it happens, just like it happens when some animals think you ARE a threat and decide to deal with it. Just be aware of the dangers, be careful, and don't expect to be given special treatment by animals in the wild. They're different than our domestic animals.


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